Purolite, the world’s leading manufacturer of ion exchange specialty high performance resins, first approached Williams Forrest in 2016 for a complete re-architecture of their global web platform in the Magnolia CMS. With thousands of products in their catalog, each with dozens of technical and chemical attributes, Purolite required a consolidated data model with a massive scope to serve the needs of its client and global field offices.

Williams Forrest, a Magnolia Certified Partner, provided the expertise required to build an ultra-performant, multilingual site with a beautiful UI and a completely customized administration portal for content and product management.

Purolite website homepage displayed on a new 13 inch Macbook air, tilted towards the viewer.

Fig1. - A refresh to the Purolite homepage.

As the project continued to evolve throughout the development process to include consideration for a dozen variations of language localization, a discrete news and blog feed for the Life Sciences division, robust behavioral tracking, and CRM integration, WF’s Agile Methodologies ensured success in a rapidly changing landscape. Thrilled with this success and the relationship that has formed since 2016, Purolite continues to engage WF today for steady state maintenance and Magnolia platform management.


  • Website Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Responsive Web Architecture
  • eCommerce Integration
Two iPhones standing vertically, facing one another, each displaying the mobile version of the home page and an internal product selection page.

Fig2. - In-depth Ion Exchange Resin information, in the palm of your hand.


  • The new Purolite.com provides a clean and logical interface that drills down into discrete product categories using the most relevant verticals
  • Content, assets, and product data are easily managed in a custom enterprise Magnolia CMS implementation
  • Global field offices can create their own customized landing pages that act as a gateway to a completely translated version of the site
  • Uniform content and user experience is available in multiple languages
  • Direct CRM integration allows sales and marketing teams to leverage complete customer profiles with a single data source